Born In: 28th July 1973
Artist Biography

Claudine Frangieh is a Lebanese artist, born in Ehden-North Lebanon in 1973.

She always wanted to be a painter. The artist started painting in 2007, and adopted different styles of art, but modern art is her favorite style for painting.

Claudine is also a specialist in stained glass art and in drawing Murals.

She has studied art at the Academy of “Michael-Anges des beaux arts” in Beirut, from which she holds two diplomas: She has a diploma in fine arts and the “Gold Designer” diploma.

Mrs. Frangieh has participated in the Ehden summer exhibitions in Al-Cobra Building from both years 2018  and 2019.

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Selected Exhibitions

  • Ehden summer exhibition in Al-Cobra Building, 2018-2019

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Artist Artworks

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