Born In: 22nd October 1978
Artist Biography

Daniel Abillamaa is a Lebanese artist, who discovered his passion from young age, has been drawing and painting since his childhood.

He graduated from the Lebanese University of Law in 2002, and has travelled to a lot of countries ( including France, London, Belgium, Amsterdam, Dubai, Qatar, Berlin…) where he admired famous artworks that fed his passion to art.

Daniel Abillamaa is a self-taught artist. When his paintings started attracting attention, he decided to pursue his dream of being an artist. His passion in nature and humanity are reflected in his paintings, most of which, exhibit natural views.

He is a contemporary painter influenced by all the great  painters like Van-Gogh, Monet, Pissarro, Picasso, Cezane and many others…

His paintings express his experiences and deep feelings. Daniel is a seeker of happiness, whether in nature or through mankind,  which explains the use of colors in his work that reflects joy and life. This artist follows a spontaneous process to create his artworks, letting his feelings guide him to the finish.  He believes that art is the best way to deliver his message to others.

He is currently preparing for a solo exhibition in Lebanon.

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Selected Exhibitions

  • “Artistes en vocation”- Bsallim country lodge 2017
  • “Art of living” -Forum de Beirut 2017
  • “Believe in Lebanon” -ATCL 2018
  • “Qatar International Art Festival”-2018
  • “Artistes en vocation”- Season 2 2018
  • “Exode gallery”- Achrafiye 2018 (collective exhibition)
  • “Draw me a Cedar”- Arthause Gemayze Beirut 2021

 758 total views

Artist Artworks

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