Dareen Roukoz
Born In: 17th March 1978
Artist Biography

Dareen Roukos is a Lebanese artist born in a small quite village of Aktanit in South Lebanon.

She  hold a BA degree in Business Administration from Beirut Technical College, and currently she is working in the governmental sector.

Dareen  is  a self-taught artist who believes in the beauty of the world through art.

She participated in many drawing symposiums, television interviews, live drawing events and art galleries in different countries like Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, and Iran.

Some of Dareen’s paintings became as book covers and others found their ways to TV movies and series.

Alongside with drawing activities she also has a passion for poetry and literature, and contributed in different poetry readings events.

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Artist Artworks

Dream CatcherDream Catcher
Dimensions: 90 cm * 90 cm
People's memory between present and past
Dimensions: 90 cm * 60 cm
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