Born In: 10th July 1996
Artist Biography

Eliana El Morr is a strong Lebanese artist, distinguished by her artistic boldness. For her, Art has the ability to spread and build the infrastructures of society. She’s always focusing on social art, psychological and philosophical subjects That need to be challenged and surpassed generally and specifically in the Middle East.

She holds a Fine Arts master’s degree from the Lebanese University.

Eliana has exhibited at different galleries and Art events ( solo exhibitions, and group exhibitions). The management of “Mountada Al Moukaadin” used her own photo to create the cover of “ Al Sighar Fi Aalam Al Kibar”. And she has been presented by Mathqaf Platform 2021 and participated in the world art collector incubator program 2021.

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Selected Exhibitions

  • 2021 Multi-person Exhibition, Artbei gallery, Beirut, Lebanon
  • 2021 Multi-person Exhibition, Arneli Art Gallery and Virgin Radion, Beit Misk, Lebanon
  • 2021 Multi-person Exhibition, Arts and Politics gallery, Beirut, Lebanon
  • 2021 Multi-person Exhibition, Mathqaf platform gallery, West Asia, North Africa.
  • 2021 Solo Exhibition, Tonari Art gallery, Virtual gallery, London.
  • 2019 Multi-person Exhibition, 392Rmeil392 gallery, Gemayze, Lebanon
  • 2019 Multi-person Exhibition, Cub Gallery, Badaro, Lebanon
  • 2018 Multi-person Exhibition, Les Artistes, Zahle, Lebanon
  • 2018 Solo Exhibition, Les avant-gardistes, zahle, lebanon

 244 total views

Artist Artworks

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