Born In: 19th January 1969
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Georges Wehbe is a Lebanese artist, born in north of Lebanon in a town called Kobayat in 1969, his first experiences as an artist started at an early age during the 1980’s during the war era in Lebanon.

George works in the Gas, oil and hydrocarbon sector with 30 years of professional experience, and a Master Degree MBA in Finance from the university of Manchester UK. However, he felt the need to pursue an artistic path alongside his career.

He was influenced by classic famous painters. Having to stare at a copy of the famous Monalisa at home, he was inspired to follow his dream and become a professional painter.

He believes that one is born an artist and not taught to be an artist. He started practicing painting and became a self-learner by studying the works of the greatest painters in history, like Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Rembrandt, Claude Monet… and many more, who he considered to be his teachers. The influence of these painters is noticeable in his artwork. Later on, he expanded his knowledge in oil painting techniques, and now he primarily works with oil and acrylic. He is currently located in Beirut, Lebanon.

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