Born In: 17th February 1977
Artist Biography

Ghassan Mahfouz is a Lebanese artist, born in 1977, in the Town of Lebaa located in the very known village of Jezzine.

He started showing interest in Art and painting the very young age of 7 years old, he captured hearts and minds with his creativity. He had a clear vision from the start that this is where he belongs, the world of Art. He studied Art and now holds a diploma in painting from the Academy of Michael Angelo.

Ghassan did not stop here, he perused painting professionally to the point where he became a teacher. He is the founder and owner of the Mahfouziat.mgs Gallery and school of art.

The talented artist has created huge artistic frescos and some art studios for TV stations. In addition to issuing a number of artistic calendars including “Our beautiful villages” & “Our precious South” which had a tremendous positive resonance in showing the beautiful Lebanese sites. He participated in many artistic activities and symposiums from 1993 till present.

Ghassan MAHFOUZ, a young Lebanese painter is glowing in his works that go beyond his young age and is proving that age is measured by his achievements. He organized more than eighty exhibitions, private and collective, in Lebanon and abroad, and he obtained several awards and prizes. His paintings are widespread in various countries mainly in the United States of America, France and Canada, as a result of having many exhibitions in Canada.

The Lebanese artist is distinguished for painting portraits; he painted many presidents, celebrities and religious men. His interest in ecclesiastical paintings drove him to paint numerous paintings for churches, monasteries and many others. His latest work was the frescos of Saint Takla church located in Sad El Bouchrieh, Lebanon & which captured the admiration of the church for what it contains of innovative paintings symbolizing a great liturgical reality.

Ghassan is also known for painting ancient potteries which he sought to transfer in a modern way by connecting the past with the present and relating the soil with Men and becoming therefore  specialized in this field.

He is also known for his beautiful representations on ancient pottery as part of his vision to express the modern art on a basic creation, and create a link between the past and the present. His art illustrates the relationship between men and soil. He focused on this work to the point of becoming specialized in this field.

Some of the awards he has won :

  • Bloombank innovation award, 2010
  • DPNA Award, 2008
  • AAI award, 2016

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Selected Exhibitions

  • “Return of the Spirit” Exhibition- Canada
  • Private exhibition – St. Laurent Museum, Montreal, Canada
  • Private exhibition -Royal Center for the Greek Catholics, Canada
  • Exhibition in the headquarter of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), Downtown of Montreal, Canada

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