Born In: 1st October 1983
Artist Biography

Hisham Almalih is a Syrian sculptor born on the 1st of October, 1983, who began his work in a realistic style with clay and gypsum, until he reached his own style based on anxious balance meaning that “the work is fixed on a base in a way that gives the impression that it is about to fall”, yet, most of the work was in the material of Italian marble.

Hisham graduated from the faculty of fine art in Damascus and is also a member of the Union of Fine Artists in Syria.

After reviewing books of legends, the Syrian artist embodied their characters as sculptures mixed with his own philosophy in life to reflect them based on experiment and intense research with types of raw materials, however in a more mature way and closer to his personality.

Hisham states that through his communication with the child while working as a sculpting teacher, spontaneity appeared in the cuts and spaces in his projects, until he reached the mechanic, because he believes that it means life crossing itself due to the movement and the hustle that lives around it.

The Syrian artist’s works focus on the idea of movement and the dynamics of life, to carry noisy violent forces, as the surfaces are sculpted and displaced to show volumes with different field in order to create a dynamic game of shadow and light gradually unfolding, or to show violent collision between light and dark, where the base of the sculptures is contingent on great authority.

Sculpturing tree “Minerva Face”- al Kasaa- Damascus- Syria in 2014.

Sculpturing tree “Woman with Book”- Al Kasaa- Damascus- Syria in 2016.

Sculpturing “Al Manshiya Trees”- Damascus- Syria in 2016.

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Selected Exhibitions

  • Solo exhibition at Fine Art Gallery/ Larnica, Cyprus 2011
  • Solo exhibition at Rafya Art Gallery/ Damascus, Syria 2011
  • Solo exhibition at national Museum/ Damascus, Syria 2010
  • Solo exhibition at Alsayyed Art Gallery/ Damascus, Syria 2009
  • Solo exhibition at Randa Nassour Art Gallery (Italian Marbel)/ Damascus, Syria 2009 – 2012
  • Participated in the Global Forum Sculpture Character of Leonardo da Vinci (Bronze- Height: 250cm) 2005
  • Joint exhibition at WWD “Wood World Day” international workshop/ Siamrep, Cambodia 2018
  • Joint exhibition of Fall Exhibition/ Damascus, Syria 2018
  • Joint exhibition of Fall Exhibition/ Damascus, Syria 2017
  • Joint exhibition “Expo” Exhibition at the Center of Visual Arts/ Damascus, Syria 2016
  • Joint exhibition the Opening of the “Center of visual Arts gallery” Exhibition/ Damascus, Syria 2015
  • Joint exhibition at Art Space /Hamra, Beirut, Lebanon 2015
  • Joint exhibition at Tajalliyat Art Gallery/Beirut, Lebanon 2015
  • Joint exhibition “Wood Exhibition” at Art House Gallery/ Damascus, Syria 2015
  • Participated in “AGAFIA” sculpture Forum/ Lattakia, Syria 2015
  • Participated in several workshops sculpture at the National center for the Visual Arts/ Damascus University, Syria 2015
  • Joint exhibition “Universal Exhibition of Fine Arts” /Beirut, Lebanon 2014
  • Joint exhibition “Global Forum of Fine Arts” /Beirut, Lebanon 2014
  • Joint exhibition at Moon Art Gallery (Italian Marbel)/ Larnica, Cyprus 2012
  • Joint exhibition “Sculpture Art Exhibition” (Italian Marbel)/ Larnica, Cyprus 2011
  • Joint exhibition at Tajalliyat Art Gallery (Italian Marbel)/ Damascus, Syria 2010- 2012
  • Joint exhibition “Spring Exhibition for youth artist”/ Damascus, Syria 2008-2016
  • Joint exhibition at Ninar Art Galley/ Damascus, Syria 2008 – 2013
  • Joint exhibition “Asia Artist Exhibition” /Kyoto, Japan 2007
  • Joint exhibition “youth Artist Exhibition” / Homs, Syria 2005

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