Born In: 22nd April 1964
Artist Biography

Ismael Nasra is a Syrian expressionist painter born in Syria in Salamiya, 1964, and graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts Painting Department in 1987, then postgraduate Diploma in 1998, and is now teacher at the Center of Adham Ismail since 12 years.

The Syrian artist won the first prize of the oil painting competition at “The Exhibition of Young Artists” in 1998 photo competition, the second Prize of the oil Painting Competition at “women in motherland’s eyes” in 2003. He also won two estimated prize of the oil Painting Competition, one entitled “Think with your hand” at the Priants Institute in 2001, and the second entitled “Martyr Mohammed al-Darra” at the “Chancellery Iranian” in 2000.

Ismael Nasra has a wide collection of individual shows such as:
Ishtar 2000
Alsayed gallery 2003
Shell Club gallery 2003
Charisma gallery / Kuwait 2004
Armenians Club gallery 2006
Charisma gallery / Kuwait 2007
Boushahri gallery / Kuwait 2001
Ishtar gallery 2003
Ishtar gallery 2007
Free Hand gallery Damascus in 2009
Qatar almerkheye gallery 2009
Oxygen gallery Damascus in 200
Group exhibitions:
Tri gallery Ishtar 1999
Geren lounge / Oman 1996
Trade Association of the Friends of Art 1999 – 2007
Faces / 12 Artist Gallery – kazah gallery 2000 – Holy Cross halls
Showing 5 technical experiments – Lounge Rainbow – Holy Cross Halls 2000
Gallery 5 technical experiments – Lounge joy and lounge Levant: Aleppo, Damascus – Deir al-Zour in 2000
Small Plate / lounge Mr. 2001 – 2002/2006 – 2007 exhibition
Small painting people in 2001 Hall exhibition
Cairo International Biennale 2001
Participant in the annual exhibitions of official state
First participant in the Art Exhibition Beirut 200 – 2001
Joint Munich Exhibition 2003
Parallel to the exhibition gallery of young people – Lounge hallway 2003
Ugarit / Latakia 2001 Exhibition
Gallery 4 artists / lounge Mr. 2005
Joint / Shell Club / 2005 Exhibition
Group exhibition / lounge Mr. + Syrian Cultural Center in Paris in 2006
Group exhibition hall Louay Kayal (Arab porch) 2015
Windows / lounge Free Hand 2006 – Gallery 200 720
Group exhibition in the lounge Free Hand 2008
Small painting Arne form Gallery – Canada 2008\
Group exhibition in the lounge Free Hand 2009
It combines exhibition halls Saca Milan Italy 2009 p / i Free Hand
Fair to meet with the National Museum – Damascus 2009
Associate in Sana’a International Forum for Fine Arts 2009
Contemporary Art Exhibition – Istanbul 2009
Exhibition windows / Free Hand / Damascus 2010
Finally gallery / Military Museum / Damascus 2010
Easter Free Hand Damascus Fair 2010
Fair Oaks I (Hall Art de form) endosperm endosperm fourth Forum 2015
(Composition inspired by literature) 2013
A joint assessment of the Syrian plastic art gallery / lounge Sham Hotel Damascus in 2014
Third Forum for imaging oil (Syria loving Bridge) Damascus Citadel 2014
Forum First oaks (Hall Art Diform) endosperm 2015
Louay Kayal Hall portico Arab Damascus in 2015
Carlos Hotel Latakia 2016
Honoring Wahaibi Educational Center for the Arts 2015 Exhibition
Participation in the exhibition ” Halet Habaa ” in the Hall of Alefnooon 2017

Message from the artist:
If I would like to talk about my artworks, then my words will be summarized in the drawing of the woman who has inspired me for years to embody her in all her expressive states.

I draw using all the available techniques, such as canvas, wood, and collage, in addition to using all color techniques.

I always search and try until I reach, even relatively, the components of this smooth creature.

I also strive to show it in its most beautiful, symbolic and expressive terms.

The birds in the painting serve the idea.. the woman can fly and soar if she is free, and she must be…

Ismael Nasra

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Selected Exhibitions

  • Joint exhibition at Gebreen gallery, Amman/ Gordan 1996
  • Joint exhibition at Eshtar gallery, Damascus/ Syria 1999
  • Joint exhibition “Annual Exhibition”, Art’s friends, Damascus/ Syria 1999-2007
  • Joint exhibition “Faces” at Holy cross hall, Damascus/ Syria 2000
  • Joint exhibition “mini works”, Alsayed gallery, Damascus/ Syria 2000-2007
  • Solo exhibition at Eshtar gallery, Damascus/ Syria 2000
  • Joint exhibition “mini works”, Alshaab gallery, Damascus/ Syria 2001
  • Joint exhibition “benali”, Cairo/ Egypt 2001
  • Joint exhibition “art all” Beirut/ Lebanon 2000-2001
  • Solo exhibition at Boushehri gallery, Kuwait 2001
  • Solo exhibition at Eshtar gallery, Damascus/ Syria 2002
  • Joint exhibition, Munich/ Germany 2003
  • Solo exhibition at Al Sayed gallery, Damascus/ Syria 2003
  • Solo exhibition at shell club, Damascus/ Syria 2003
  • Solo exhibition at Karisma gallery, Kuwait 2004
  • Solo exhibition at Armenian club, Damascus/ Syria 2006
  • Solo exhibition at Karisma gallery, Kuwait 2007
  • Solo exhibition at Eshtar gallery, Damascus/ Syria 2007
  • Joint exhibition at arty foam, Canada 2008
  • Solo exhibition at Free hand gallery, Damascus/ Syria 2009
  • Solo exhibition at Almorkhiyeh gallery, Qatar 2009
  • Solo exhibition Occasion gallery, Damascus/ Syria 2009
  • Solo exhibition at Alef Noun gallery, Damascus/ Syria 2016
  • Solo exhibition at Fateh Almodarres gallery, Damascus/ Syria 2018

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Artist Artworks

did you spread..
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out of tune
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the fallen crown
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the syrian monalisa
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