Born In: 10th March 1963
Artist Biography

Joseph Al Arid is a Lebanese artist, born in Zahlé in 1963. He is a self-taught painter.

Joseph started painting from a very young age.  The civil war at Lebanon prevented him from continuing his education, but his love for art never stopped. He was influenced by renowned impressionist artists and Lebanese artists like Rachid Wehbe and Cesar Gemayel to name a few. His art mentor gave him the advice that stuck with him till the present “Let Nature be your Teacher”. And this is how he started his career as a painter, the artist gets lost in the beauty of Nature and he paints.

He pursued his dream of being an artist by taking classes and studying at different institutions of art like the Royal Art society in Sydney, the MC Avoy studio and the Grand Chaumière at Paris, France.

Joseph is a member of the Lebanese Artists Association for painters and sculptors. And he participated in many international and local exhibition.

Most of his work is a representation of the beautiful nature of Lebanon, and Lebanese villages in an impressionist style.

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Selected Exhibitions

  • Cultural community Zahle, 1986
  • Tilal Ksara Zahle, 1987
  • Club des jeunes, 1987
  • Centre culturel français – 1988, 2008
  • Lions club, 1989
  • Tilal Ksara, 1990
  • Jardin Public Zahle,- 1996, 2005
  • Marian Apostolic Movement, Sydney, Australia, 1998
  • Chateaux de tourterelles of Oise, France, 2000
  • Cultural committee of Zahle, 2000
  • Guest of honour for the art saloon of Compiègne, France, 2000
  • Escape Champeret, Paris, France, 2002
  • Jabal Hotel Kadry, Zahle, 2002
  • Gothe Institut (Dutch Cultural Center), Beirut, 2003
  • Annual Exposition (Sacre coeur Zahle), 2003
  • Les jardins du Mzaar, Faraya, 2007
  • Eddé Sands, Jbeil, 2007
  • Evangelical School Zahle – 2008, 2012
  • Festival Deir el Qamar, Lebanon- 2008 , 2009, 2010
  • Escalier de l’art, Gemmayze, 2009
  • Museo d’arte di chianciano, Italy, 2009
  • Lebanese Artists Association first experimental exhibition in UNESCO, Beirut, 2012
  • American University of Beirut, 2016 – collective exhibition
  • Beka art exhibition, Cascada Mall, March 2017
  • The Symposium Al Shouf Cedars Nature Reserve , 2017
  • Les artistes, Zahle exposition, June 2017
  • Baalbek Exhibition, June 2019
  • Bikfaya Serail Exhibition, August 2019

 854 total views

Artist Artworks

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