Maral Maniss
Born In: 4th February 1967
Artist Biography

Maral Maniss is a Lebanese contemporary painter and ceramic sculptor, born in Beirut.

She has a BA in Painting and a MA in Ceramic sculptures from the Lebanese University.
After the Beirut blast in 2020 her story has been featured extensively on national and international publications and media. She has been recognized and interviewed by CNBC reporter Uptin Saadi, as a visionary and a female artist dreamer.
For so many years Maral has taught arts in private schools and in organizations.
Maniss has been exhibited in more than 50 group exhibitions locally and internationally along with three private exhibitions. Where she had received more than 40 certifications the best knowns are from GUINESS WORLD RECORDS, ART MONACO 2015 and others.
Three of her sculptures are found at MACAM Museum-Lebanon.
Her works are found in Los Angeles, Canada, Boston, India, Istanbul, Paris, Korea, Dubai….

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Artist Artworks

“Swans” The Goddess of Love
Dimensions: 70 cm * 50 cm
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The blue fish
Dimensions: 44 cm * 30 cm
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