Born In: 2nd February 1977
Artist Biography

Momtaz Shoaib is a Syrian contemporary sculptor and painter born in 1977, who started drawing and sculpting individually at a young age, and continued until his youth. The the Syrian contemporary artist move to working in decorations for fifteen years.

Later on, in 2009 Momtaz opened his own project and expanded his plaster artwork, later he worked for most Syrian artists in a phase of artistic openness, then through his connections with important people in the art community, he began to participate in art exhibitions and activities.

However, due to the conditions of his country, Syria, and the war that broke out, the art movement decreased, which forced the contemporary artist to search for other platforms and sites to transmit and document the Syrian situation to other artistic circles in a line of work that falls within expressive realism through the material with which he works, bronze.

Momtaz Shoaib’s line of work fall within expressive realism, using Bronze, and the topics he works on are: primarily human, life and social concerns, contradictions, and dancing as an expression of love and freedom. In parallel, the Syrian contemporary sculptor, works on the distortions that occur in nature and man due to the extreme human act.

Momtaz is still working and looking for answers for his questions by making art.

Awards :
The Syrian expressionist artist won the first prize of “The seventh youths exhibition” at Alrewaq Al Arabi gallery, in Damascus Syria, April 2012.

As well as the “Holdings in the Ministry of Culture” which is a small sculpture exhibition that took place at the “Gallery Mostafa Ali” in Damascus, April 2012.

And later on the “Personal belongings” in collaboration with Mr. Mark Hachem in the USA.

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Selected Exhibitions

  • Joint exhibition “Small sculpture” at gallery Mustafa Ali, Damascus/Syria 2012
  • Joint exhibition “The Annual Spring exhibition”, Damascus/ Syria 2012
  • Joint exhibition “The seventh youths exhibition”at Alrewaq Al arabi gallery, Damascus/ Syria 2012
  • Joint exhibition at Mark Hachem Gallery, Beirut/ Lebanon 2013
  • Joint exhibition “without words” at P21 gallery, London/ UK 2013
  • Joint exhibition “The Last Supper” at The venue, Beirut/ Lebanon 2014
  • joint exhibition “Peaceful Friends Society”, Salamiyah/ Hama 2014
  • Joint exhibition at Nassar Art Store, Damascus/ Syria 2014
  • Joint exhibition at Khan Asaad Pasha, Damascus/ Syria 2019

 2,837 total views

Artist Artworks

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