Born In: 28th November 1995
Artist Biography

Myriana Youssef is a Lebanese Architect, artist and illustrator, born in 1995 and graduated from the faculty of Architecture- design and built environment department in Debbyeh- Lebanon in 2018.
Growing up exploring diverse types of art, Myriana intends to highlight the uniqueness and harmony of patterns and colors through its composition and arrangement of lines and shapes which create a majestic mandala and Islamic geometry configuration.
The Lebanese artist aims also to empower and highlight female faces and features within her drawings and not to forget the Red color which appears over all the artwork. She works also as an architect but she dedicated nowadays to develop her talent.

Artist Artworks

Dimensions: 14.5 cm * 20.5 cm
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Dimensions: 25 cm * 25 cm
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Dimensions: 50 cm *50 cm
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