Born In: 9th November 1956
Artist Biography

Qusai Aizouq is a Syrian artist  born in Salamieh, Hama, Syria in 1956.

He study visual communication, at the Faculty of Fine art. He learned to draw by instinct, he was distinguished from his clutter in this subject, and his school notebooks were full of sketches, he thought at the time that they were just scribbles. He participated in middle school exhibitions and very shyly in high school exhibitions.

He was accepted among six others in the Faculty of Fine Arts by chance, at the University of Damascus in 1976. The artist chose to be an engraver to add something to his artistic memory, and polish his talent with something new. The circumstances after graduation did not enable him to work as a digger, so he began to work with pencil and charcoal, which were dominated by the character of drilling.

He has not stopped drawing since he graduated in 1981. Qusai spends most of his time in his studio with his colorful paints preparing for the birth of his paintings, as he has embraced this art as  a mother and accepted it as a lover.

The missing parts of his characters makes us to notice that something has been looted and taken away, and a life has been come apart, he puts us in the middle of a life’s site that belongs to a deserter, who is broken-down and owns nothing but a forced helplessness, and a body that doesn’t obey from the mind. Drowning in memories with no legs to run and a reality that shapes itself time by time with no constant nature.

Characters are still, frozen, unable and displaced, burning under the heat or the frost of his colors with fragile naked bodies that had been lost their bloom and their sense of sudden maturity. There will be no accidental outcomes, chaos has already landed.

When we turn our eyes to his wasted scenes we get involved with some of lives that are immortalized in the moment. Moments that distress, boredom and desolation. With him we are placed in a second of an old life with a kept history not in a new born one.

Death shows himself in a simple form of essence in his paintings: some hanged birds falling out of sky, holding onto nothing, Swinging in the wind while one is alive with no power to  Sitting on the edge of the canvas, too blind to see, too alone to fly away or to continue and land into the rotten hand of its guardian. with a carved body cramped inside the canvas whom holds thebirdy’s home despite any cost, Even blood.

Our artist is ruled by his muscle memory who does not let the tragedies and the ghosts of their owners go and yet hardly attached to being, with hopes and the short lived beauties of a memory recited many years ago.

The artist Aizouq was influenced by the realist, impressionist, and surrealist school more than he was influenced by the artists themselves, but this does not mean that he was not influenced by some of them such as (Rembrandt, Paul Cézanne, Van Gogh). The human, and the miserable reality that humanity is experiencing, even trees and rocks, he tried his years, so he turned it into human beings in many of his paintings, an attempt by him to restore the absent last, as he said.

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Selected Exhibitions

  • Solo Exhibition at Arabic cultural center – Salamieh – Syria 1996_1983
  • Solo Exhibition at Arabic cultural center – Masiaf – Syria 1995
  • Solo Exhibition at Al-Mohomadeah school – Tartous – Syria 1996
  • Solo Exhibition at Plastic artists Syndicate gallery – Homs – Syria 1997
  • Solo Exhibition at Tishreen gallery – Aleppo – Syria 1998
  • Solo Exhibition at Salamieh Countryside 2004_2006_2007
  • Solo Exhibition at Russian cultural center -Damascus – Syria 2008
  • Solo Exhibition at Larose cafe gallery – osmanbey – Istanbul –Turkey 2014
  • Joint Exhibition “Annual exhibitions” at Plastic artists Syndicate gallery – Hama – Syria 1985
  • Joint Exhibition “Annual exhibitions” – Salamieh – Hama – Damascus 1992
  • Joint Exhibition “Annual exhibitions” of Taha Taha museum – Raqqa – Syria 1998
  • Joint Exhibition “Fall exhibition” (Khan Assad Basha) – Damascus – Syria 2007
  • Joint Exhibition “Plastic art by cement” – French cultural center – Damascus – Syria 2009_2010
  • Joint Exhibition at Kaleemat gallery – Marmara museum – Istanbul – Turkey 2015
  • Joint Exhibition “Khawabi River Cultural Festival” – Tartous – Syria 2018_2017_2019

 654 total views

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