Born In: 1st January 1971
Artist Biography

Roula Georges Kazan is a Lebanese Artist, figurative abstract, born in Beirut in 1971, graduated from the fine Arts (ALBA) and ranked first of the promotion in 1995. Has been awarded a scholarship at the national school of Arts of Cergy (ENAC) France. Currently a professor of International Baccalaureate in Visual Arts at CPF- Montana (Dick el Mehdi- Metn). Member of the community of Lebanese painters and sculptors. Founder of her own Design studio dedicated to drawing and painting courses.

Participated in many Local and international exhibitions. Her work tells in general the story of the Lebanese remains. This story unknown by the new generation and told an important period of Lebanese culture that is inspired by the history of the old experience. Art allows her to express herself more on canvas adapting techniques that meet her needs of “Image”: Mixed media, collage, oil painting, acrylic, gouache, water color.

Through her works she dreams of a better world where we could erase the mistakes of war and the past which prevents us from advancing.

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Selected Exhibitions

  • 2020 – Online Exhibition (Community of Lebanese Artists)
  • 2001- ZAMAN Gallery- Solo Exhibition -Hamra
  • 2000 – BRONTE Gallery – Achrafieh
  • 2000 – EPREUVE D’ARTISTE Gallery (Beirut)
  • 1998 – UNESCO (Association of Lebanese painters and sculptures)
  • 1998 – BEKHAAZI Gallery (Achrafieh)
  • 1997 – ASSOCIATION of the Young Talents (A.L.B.A Lebanese Academy of fine Arts)
  • 1996 – Brushstrokes for the South – Auction
  • 1996 – WORLD OF ART Gallery (Ramleh El Baida

 6,228 total views

Artist Artworks

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