Born In: 14th October 1995
Artist Biography

Shaden Alkaraki is a Jordanian artist born in 1995, in Alkarak, Jordan. She studied civil engineering and holds a degree from the Mutah University of Jordan.

Shaden was always passionate about art. She discovered her talent recently in 2014 and started practicing by herself until she has become a self-taught artist. She explored many different styles of drawing and painting, and pushed herself to learn them through theoretical lessons and practical exercises. She developed her painting skills using oil, acrylic and watercolor paint.

The artist believes art is a mean of survival and an important form of human communication without words.  Quoting her: “I love the idea of sharing my work with others. It is like giving them many hours of training, experience and feelings in a painting”.

The talented Shaden has participated in a few local exhibitions and won the Jordanian Universities competition for creativity in 2018.

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Selected Exhibitions

  • Jordanian universities exhibition, Jordan 2018
  • Mutah university exhibition, Jordan 2018
  • Southern creators exhibition, Jordan 2017

 5,200 total views

Artist Artworks