Born In: 3rd May 1997
Artist Biography

Shahed Al Rez is a young Syrian sculptor from Damascus, Syria, born in 1997, who started learning art through many sources the most important one was Adham Esmail institute, and participated in most of  its multiple exhibitions and Competitions from 2001 until 2009.

Moreover, Shahed took private courses in different kinds of arts from 2003 until 2010, and became experienced in working on different materials from her training with the famous Syrian artist Mustafa Ali who has been closely supervising the work since 2010.

The Syrian young sculptor works as assistant teacher of fine arts, as well as a freelancer private courses teacher. In addition to that, Shahed won the sculpture prize at the Annual spring exhibition in 2020.

Message from the Artist
My art captures human emotions, by expressing myself through the medium of clay. My life experiences are visualized in my multiple pieces which I’ve worked on throughout my career, thus, my passion for art is translated evidently through my sculptures

I graduated from Damascus University, Faculty of Fine Arts – Sculpture Department, my final project was entitled “THEY” هم‘, which is the way of expressing how these characters are trying to condition themselves within the society around them. A lot of people have questions about life which I successfully answered through my sculptures.

People who have influenced my career are among the top artists in the Middle East, which I was honored to work under their supervision. All through my academic studies, I’ve been trying to get more into artists’ different experiences, attaining a closer perception of how art is developing around the world, however Syrian art has taken up the biggest part of my interest and curiosity.

My personal interaction with the Syrian artists have directly influenced me by them believing in me and supporting my passion in art since I was a little kid trying to identify what art is until I became a professional artist.

I spend most of my time in my Atelier creating new sculptures based on my ever changing life experiences in Damascus.

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Selected Exhibitions

  • Joint exhibitions of the Syrian Ministry of Culture, Damascus/ Syria, since 2017 till now.
  • Joint exhibition (Greetings to the artist Nazir Al Nab’a), Damascus/ Syria 2018
  • Joint exhibition “annual spring exhibition” at ministry of culture, Damascus/ Syria 2020
  • Virtual art symposium and exhibition at gallery Mustafa Ali 2020
  • Street art symposium with gallery Mustafa Ali 2020
  • One color exhibition (group exhibition) at gallery Mustafa Ali 2020
  • Young Syrian artist group exhibition at gallery Alhekmieh 2020
  • Joint Exhibition (Mother.. Homeland), Damascus/ Syria 2020

 624 total views

Artist Artworks

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