Walid Malaeb
Born In: 28th May 1961
Artist Biography

Walid Toufic Malaeb is a Lebanese artist born in 1961. His passion in drawing start from a young age.

At the age of 10, he participated in a drawing contest which was  held at school and organized by the Lebanese artist Mr .Jamil Malaeb.

That event left a good impression in walid’s mind and encouraged him to draw more.

Walid graduated from Lvov Medical Institute Ukraine in 1990.

In 1992 he became a dentist and joined the Lebanese dental order. Shortly after, he started his private clinic that he named “Dental Art clinic”, a name inspired by his love to art.

Our artist is influenced by renowned impressionist artists.

He created his first oil painting in 1980 and kept it till now.

During his artistic career, Walid has painted more than 40 oil paintings in different sizes.

Walid announced that his looking forward to leave “an artistic finger print in “Artist City”.”

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Artist Artworks

Beit Beirut Memory MuseumBeit Beirut Memory Museum
Dimensions: 70 cm * 50 cm
Dimensions: 60 cm * 40 cm
Dimensions: 60 cm * 40 cm
Dimensions: 140 cm * 100 cm
Dimensions: 60 cm * 40 cm
Dimensions: 60 cm * 40 cm
Women in RedWomen in Red
Dimensions: 140 cm * 80 cm