Born In: 28th August 1985
Artist Biography

Wissam Saade is a Lebanese artist from Deirdourit, El Chouf. He had his mind set to be an Artist from the beginning as he loves all kinds and shapes of art. Wissam has graduated from the Lebanese Universirty, faculty of fine Art in Furn el Chebbak and he received a teaching diploma to teach Drama, Theater and Acting.

As for painting, he explored this path as a hobby but then developed his skills by taking private lessons and he became a self-taught painter. His talent led him to an Iranian restaurant where he worked on a project of five paintings, in additional to selling many other art pieces. Wissam also does customized art for clients. He believes that his paintings are like a mirror reflecting his true emotions, as art is connected to feelings, so even if two painting may appear similar, the feelings attached to them are totally different.

The artist prefers to use oil to create his paintings. He has a unique style of mixing elements of reality in a weird setting, adding his mystery touch to every artwork.

Wissam enjoys traveling as well as reading and writing poetry, songs and novels.

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