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Rage is a spontaneous and strong feeling a person releases in a heating situation, causing his face to turn red and his expressions to sharpen. The Syrian artist and sculptor Mustafa Ali represents in his 23 cm*33 cm brown cigar & coffee on paper sketch of 2020, a human-shape figure with a mixture of brown and red, to emphasize this feeling.

In a heated situation, rage is one of the feelings that express on a person’s face causing their face to turn red and their expressions to sharpen, for it is a strong feeling that no matter how hard a person tries to hide, it always shows in a way or another. In this cigar and coffee sketch by the famous Syrian artist and sculptor Mustafa Ali entitled “Disappointed Face”, he portrayed the feeling of rage in a mixture of brown color caused by the coffee and cigar ash he used and a red one the face overall with a clear shade on its edge, and the scattered eye. When a person is in rage, the feeling takes control over their brain causing them not to be able to process what they are seeing, hearing, and want to say, and that’s what the Syrian artist represented with the scattered eyes he painted in dark brown, and the huge mouth ready to spill every single ill word they could think of. And the red he used is to define the color of the face when the individual is in such situation when their blood runs stronger and faster in their veins due to the adrenaline released by the stimuli.

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Dimensions 33 cm*23 cm

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